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Compressus, Inc. understands the importance of strategic partnerships as we seek to create real-world solutions for increased productivity and organizational success. This is why we have partnered with leading global brands from a variety of industries including data networks, computer hardware, and healthcare.

"Throughout our practice we have over 10 separate systems including RIS, HIS, EMR, PACS and Voice Dictation. Compressus was able to integrate with all our systems and provide cohesive bidirectional flow of data throughout. Their knowledge connecting all types of radiology, hospital and clinical systems is extensive and made connecting new sites into our practice extremely easy."

Annette Simmons, IT Manager and Network Administrator

Medical Imaging Northwest (MINW)

"Vendors claim that their systems will talk with others but the reality is often far different. Compressus has undertaken the challenge of designing an interoperability solution for medical imaging that accepts and transcends these difficulties. And the result is faster service and better patient care."

John Anastos, D.O

"With IBM's proven software foundation and Compressus' healthcare interoperability expertise, healthcare providers will be able to get more insight from their radiology data and use it in new ways to improve patient care and operational efficiency."

Dan Pelino, General Manager

IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences

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