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IT Manager

Reduce risks and manage costs with a single integration platform for all your systems, using tools that evolve your systems-of-systems approach.

IT Manager Overview

IT Manager Overview

Information technology is being called upon to help facilities maintain system costs and set the stage for how healthcare institutions address the future. In many cases, IT has the ability to provide the information in context so that the clinician can be a better doctor, providing better care, and increasing patient satisfaction while improving productivity. MEDxConnect is a transitional technology with a dynamic platform that addresses how existing IT solutions interface, along with adoption of new solutions going forward.

Cost Reduction

Reduced IT costs through low cost of ownership

MEDxConnect offers a foundation based on what is needed in a comprehensive IT solution. It provides an easy-to-use platform that has been carefully established to eliminate unexpected implementation and maintenance surprises, while utilizing an industry recognized database and other robust components for positive ROI and lower cost of ownership. Learn More →


Innovated to fuel strategic growth

MEDxConnect software is built on a revolutionary new platform designed to fuel organizations for strategic growth. With the implementation of business process management information technology, organizations now have control of the connections between disparate departments, information silos and multiple facilities. The solution seamlessly scales to address new and emerging challenges facing healthcare. Learn More →


Formulated to inspire cost-effective conversions and successful expansion

The MEDxConnect platform was designed specifically to accommodate expansion and growth to meet healthcare trends, while containing IT infrastructure and implication costs. The revolutionary platform’s business designer and dynamic integration engine provide tools that allow technology users to modify their own connection and workflows without relying upon hardcode software changes or engineering from the vendor. This level of control empowers IT to expand without incurring significant resource demands and controlling costs. Learn More →


Revolutionized to empower IT organizations to lead

MEDxConnect empowers IT with dynamic tools to lead their organization forward. The solution provides an arsenal of components to integrate both new and existing technologies, control IT costs, scale and expand for growth and strategically address the uncertain. With MEDxConnect, IT is positioned to move technology solutions forward to fuel clinical collaboration and lead to improved patient outcomes. Learn More →