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Transform data into knowledge with a clinical workflow solution for all departments, enabling integrative care for better outcomes.

CMO / CMIO Overview

CMO / CMIO Overview

MEDxConnect helps address operational inefficiencies, uncover productivity opportunities and reduce costs via a robust set of management and monitoring tools. Customized reporting and ad hoc reports provide leaders insight into current departmental operations and offer a blueprint for future requirements. MEDxConnect allows a simulation environment to test new workflows and protocols, allowing the CMO and CMIO to aid the clinician in improving patient care.


Improved workflow seamlessly accommodates change

MEDxConnect tackles the current headaches associated with change demand and implementation head-on. By providing a platform that allows workflow to change as rapidly as market demands arise, leadership can strategically and cost-effectively make needed adjustments. Management can simulate modifications and evaluate their true impact, while accommodating market demands and proactively facing the future. Learn More →


Increased efficiency reduces organizational costs

MEDxConnect provides managers with the elements they need to increase operational efficiency and reduce organizational costs. The solution enables the ability to optimize the use of clinical and support resources by utilizing targeted software to perform laborious tasks and optimize data distribution. Administration can leverage the full capacity of the solution without concern for resource location. Learn More →


Strategic benchmarking drives best practices

MEDxConnect presents a unique playbook of data that can be used to benchmark current practices and position a facility to drive best practices. Old-world IT systems provide administration a view of their specific solution focus; however, MEDxConnect intersects all IT data systems providing users with new insights into departmental and institutional operations. The solution provides management with the ability to have a bird’s eye view of a specific process in addition to an overview of the overall business systems to help position the organization for the future. Learn More →


Optimized business practices drive patient and employee satisfaction

MEDxConnect’s business focused platform delivers management with the tools required to manage and monitor business processes. This extends to the ability to evaluate current methods of operation and continually sharpen practices that empower management to stay abreast of institutional changes. The solution also optimizes clinical and operational processes, which leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction through reduced wait times, increased quality and low healthcare costs. Learn More →