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In prior eras of medical management, day-to-day decisions were the domain of C-suite executives, practice managers and others who were entrusted with the maintenance and growth of the enterprise.

Today, however, fluctuations in reimbursements, increased oversight, as well as pressing marketing demands, are requiring a larger number of physicians to take a seat at the executive desk. Today, there is too much at stake to delegate what once was deemed unworthy of the physician’s time.

In response to the demand for efficiency and seamless medical transactions, physicians and other practice leaders have focused on workflow as way to ensure the fluidity of internal communications. These leaders have discovered that improved workflow translates directly into improved profitability.

One superior solution to improved workflow is MEDxConnect, a platform that allows workflow to change as rapidly as market demands arise. With MEDxConnect, leadership can strategically and cost-effectively make needed adjustments and develop proactive protocols by simulating modifications to evaluate their true impact, while accommodating market demands as they arise.

Optimize Profitability Components

MEDxConnect helps optimize all profitability components of the business by addressing operational inefficiencies, uncovering productivity opportunities and reducing costs via a robust set of management and monitoring tools. Customized reporting capabilities and ad hoc reports provide leaders with focused insight into current departmental operations and offer a blueprint for future requirements.

MEDxConnect improves workflow by employing a study distribution algorithm that knows which doctors are eligible, credentialed, available and even who has the capacity to handle the work. The sophisticated routing ability of MEDxConnect, means getting the right information to the right person at the right time. This applies to all available data, regardless of where it was generated or where it is read. MEDxConnect brings all priors available in the system, all reports, all pertinent demographic information to the end user and has the power to bring HL-7 data for other supporting systems such as lab and EMR to help support diagnosis.

It is this unique application that enables MEDxConnect to increase capacity without increasing existing resources.

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