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MEDxConnect allows an organization utilizing disparate multi-vendor systems to function as one virtual enterprise with unique departmental and cross-departmental workflows.

End-User Overview

End-User Overview

MEDxConnect—a revolutionary platform that enables end-user specific solutions—has the tools you need to align your organization to be prepared to handle requirements today and in the future. Our tools ensure that you stay ahead of the curve by anticipating informational requirements while focusing on the optimization of patient care.

Clinician / Specialist

Become a better care provider by getting all your patient data when and where you need it and in the context you want.


Transform data into knowledge with a clinical workflow solution for all departments, enabling integrative care for better outcomes.


Manage your existing and/or expanding enterprise, increase productivity, and uncover CMO / CMIOopportunities to further leverage existing assets.


Reduce risks and manage costs with a single integration platform for all your systems, using tools that evolve your systems-of-systems approach.