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Clinician / Specialist

Become a better care provider by getting all your patient data when and where you need it and in the context you want.

Clinician / Specialist Overview

Clinician / Specialist Overview

The clinical aspects of the physician’s role are being overshadowed by a significant number of factors that greatly impact the delivery of patient care. The movement towards results-oriented care will require the clinician access to the patient’s history presented in context with the current encounter.

Patient Care

Instant access to pertinent patient data optimizes patient care.

MEDxConnect enhances patient care efforts by making all priors and available reports instantly accessible within a single worklist. This leads to the elimination of unnecessary studies and significantly improves TAT, while empowering radiologists and referring physicians to collaborate to make the best diagnoses possible. Learn More →


Improved organizational efficiency fuels productivity

The MEDxConnect solution intelligently routes studies in an effort to balance workload and greatly increase productivity. Successful study routing can help avoid 3rd party solution failures, accommodate patient volume fluctuations and make up for shortages of resources to meet demand. Learn More →


Increased flexibility empowers strategic change management.

MEDxConnect is powered by a unique platform designed to embrace change. The flexible enterprise solution enables proactive practices to accommodate the day to day demand required to meet change. Dynamic workflow capability supports measures to develop new business opportunities, accommodate new IT solutions and address the unforeseen requirements of ever increasing regulations. Learn More →


Balanced workload via automation enhances TAT.

MEDxConnect helps physicians quickly accommodate the high demand of delivering optimized diagnostic results. To meet this demand, the solution enables the optimization of clinical resources through workload balancing. Learn More →