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Increased physician specialization calls for increased adjustments in service capacity. When coupled with seasonal fluctuations in patient volume, the ebb and flow of referral sources, and the usual coverage required for sick and vacation days, workload balancing becomes an essential component of the success formula.

Balanced workloads also reduce turnaround times, increase physician satisfaction and allow for the accommodation of flexible shifts, off-site production and part-time physician involvement.
The challenge for today’s physician is to utilize today’s technology while letting go of dependence on yesterday’s workflow patterns. Gone are the days when the most reliable worklist was one that changed only with patient volume. Today, workload balancing through customization that allows for harvesting the worklist items is critical to achieving desired production goals.

And for optimal balance achievement, the worklist must be accessible to physicians whenever they wish and wherever they are.

MEDxConnect from Compressus helps physicians quickly accommodate the high demand of delivering optimized diagnostic results through intelligent balancing. To help meet the demand to deliver maximized diagnostic results with a minimum of disruption and down time, MEDxConnect creates intelligent routing systems that help support team motivation and productivity by sharing the work and assuring study results are expedited.

Improved process equals improved profitability

MEDxConnect determines exactly which physician is available to read the study, where all patient information is located and who needs the results. Information is automatically routed and shared to improve TAT, while assuring the attending physician has the required information to provide optimum patient care.

The MEDxConnect solution provides priority assignment based on TAT, reduces “cherry-picking,” allows access from any workstation location and aggregates work onto a single platform to provide the most efficient – and profitable – system available.

The thorough nature of MEDxConnect significantly reduces the amount of time they are spending on non-physician work. Through the efficient use of their time, the medical enterprise realizes greater profitability and ensures its relevance for years to come.

Efficiency advancements, including the adoption of MEDxConnect, can be measured to determine the internal rate of the return on the investment and help guard against the inevitability of rising costs and declining reimbursements.

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