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Executive Team

Manage your existing and/or expanding enterprise, increase productivity, and uncover CMO / CMIO opportunities to further leverage existing assets.

Executive Team Overview

Executive Team Overview

Times have never been more challenging for healthcare executives. The market and constantly shifting industry regulations are pulling leadership in multiple directions. This requires multifaceted organizations to seek technology solutions to:

  • Increase quality of care while decreasing costs
  • Ever-increase patient satisfaction
  • Position the organization for growth through alliances and acquisitions
  • Improve the work environment of the clinician, allowing for ever-improving patient outcomes

Maintain & Monitor Market

Strategic Tools Help Maintain and Monitor Market Position

MEDxConnect ensures enterprise competiveness by protecting existing businesses and fueling opportunity for growth through the offering of improved services to referring physicians, patients and providers. The platform is designed to provide leadership with specific tools for managing and monitoring the key business indicators that guarantee organizational success. Learn More →

Improve Patient Care

Automated Routing of Studies Fuels Better Patient Care

MEDxConnect helps organizations optimize healthcare IT solution offering by bringing the right information, to the right person, at the right time. Studies are automatically routed to place all team members on the same page and successfully balance the workload for increased levels of productivity. This approach guarantees that a patient-centric focus is achieved and patient outcomes are optimized. Learn More →

Grow for the Future

Flexible Platform Helps Meet Market Evolution and Assures Organizational Growth

MEDxConnect is future ready to position organizations for mergers, acquisitions, market fluctuations, and growth opportunities. The solution’s flexible platform is designed to allow end-users to quickly and cost-effectively integrate new IT schemas with existing systems, eliminating the need to completely replace critical systems that are already in place. Maintaining existing systems reduces costs, minimizes implementation time, enables system adoption, and improves user satisfaction. Learn More →

Accommodate Healthcare Payment Transformations

Accommodates Healthcare Payment Transformations to Meet Market and Organizational Needs

MEDxConnect reforms the reimbursement paradigm by providing executive leadership with a platform to expedite the change required to meet market and organizational needs. By easily implementing cross-specialty collaboration and strategically modifying workflows, the solution promotes optimized patient outcomes—a key requirement for staying on top of ACO's and other meaningful-use requirements. Learn More →