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Accommodate Healthcare Payment Transformations


In response to the challenges presented by declining reimbursements, savvy health care organizations are turning to information technology (IT) to provide the means to sustained profitability.

Existing with disparate health IT programs must adopt software capabilities that will assist in breaking down typical information silos and allow for the free exchange of vital information throughout the enterprise.

Physicians and senior managers in these new care models will also need robust analytical tools to gain insight from that information in order to make better decisions and eliminate inefficiencies in today’s healthcare delivery systems that have hindered meaningful progress.

Today, it is essential that enterprise leaders routinely evaluate their current methods of operation to help them continually sharpen practices that empower all management to stay abreast of changes in reimbursement and other financial fluctuations.

Accommodating healthcare payment transformations to meet market and organizational needs

A popular solution to the challenge of managing payment fluctuations is MEDxConnect from Compressus. MEDxConnect transforms the reimbursement paradigm by providing executive leadership with a platform to expedite the change required to meet market and organizational needs. By easily implementing cross-specialty collaboration and strategically modifying workflows, the solution promotes optimized patient outcomes—a key requirement for staying on top of ACO’s and other meaningful-use requirements.

The MEDxConnect solution brings growth planning to healthcare enterprises of all sizes. MEDxConnect provides leaders with the ability to look ahead, anticipate change and develop strategies to proactively and successfully navigate the challenges created by the upheaval in healthcare payment adjustments.

The MEDxConnect role in strategic payment planning provides purpose and direction by ensuring that everyone in the organization understands the established goals.

With MEDxConnect, there is no need for multiple log-ins or extra microphones and software. MedxConnect optimizes the on-site VR or dictation and uses sophisticated routing to get the reports to the correct repository regardless of where or how they were generated.

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