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Maintain & Monitor Market


The challenges facing today’s healthcare executives are among the most severe for any trade or profession. The need to focus on agenda items that have no direct connection to quality of care have forced many enterprise leaders to forgo the important subjects related to the position of the business in the market.

Taking the executive eye off the market position ball is not only unwise, it can be fatal. Those facilities that are thriving understand that achieving, maintaining and monitoring their place in the market is no more optional than paying the utility bill.

The challenge, however, is to acquire the most useful tools to help them gather, disseminate and analyze relevant data so that the most informed executive strategy decisions can be made.

Providing the Strategic Tools to Help Maintain and Monitor Market Position

One proven market position resource is MEDxConnect from Compressus. MEDxConnect ensures enterprise competiveness by protecting existing businesses and fueling opportunity for growth through the offering of improved services to referring physicians and various enterprise constituencies. The MEDxConnect platform is designed to provide leadership with specific tools for managing and monitoring the key business indicators that guarantee organizational success.
MEDxConnect is an innovative healthcare IT platform that enables physicians and other decision-makers to access the right marketplace information and associated data at the right time, from anywhere, in an onsite, SaaS, or cloud deployment model. With this information, executives can leverage the data to improve access to care and the quality of care.
With the right market data in the hands of the right people, the most effective decisions on this important subject can be made. MEDxConnect helps ensure years of enterprise viability by providing this key information, which can then lead to proactive decision-making to help stay ahead of the daily challenges facing healthcare facilities.
MEDxConnect creates a truly integrated system of clinical, financial and operational data that can help decision-makers to allocate precious resources appropriately, depending on the individual demands in each market. As a market position resource, in addition to its many other critical functions, MEDxConnect can provide a return on investment by providing the guidance to new revenue sources that will help serve the enterprise community.

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