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Patient Care


Increasingly, patients are becoming more informed and are sharing important information over the Internet. Today, they may be as concerned about report turnaround times and subspecialty expertise as they once were about waiting room times. Their interest is now shared by their referring physicians, who are also demanding more and better service from their colleagues.

Due in large part to this rise of consumerism in healthcare, improved patient care has become a priority for many health care providers. For many physicians and senior management, the level of patient care is directly related to the quality of infrastructure and the efficiency of operational systems. The successful balance of superior patient care and cost-effective care is achieved through the adoption of a system that is both patient-oriented and profitable. The challenges to reaching this balance exist in both medical and non-medical factors and also in the absence of a comprehensive system designed to help achieve this goal.

Automating better patient care

To help improve patient care by improving efficiency, more facilities are turning to MEDxConnect from Compressus. MEDxConnect helps optimize care by maximizing IT solutions. With MEDxConnect, the right information is presented to the right person at the right time. Studies are automatically routed to place all team members on the same page and successfully balance the workload for increased levels of productivity. This approach helps ensure that a patient-centric focus is achieved and patient outcomes are optimized.

Though interoperability is one of the greatest challenges to reaching the goal of excellent and profitable patient care, MEDxConnect provides this support with ease. All established patient care goals are accomplished using native technology and is accessible from any workstation at any location, regardless of the existence of multiple vendor software.

The result is higher patient and referrer satisfaction through faster delivery of care. This improved service helps boost patient retention and paves the way for the patient to choose additional services and recommend the facility to others based on positive experiences.

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