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In addition to their clinical responsibilities, physicians now assume the role of businessperson. These business duties include an obligation to increase productivity as a means to the larger goal of profitability.

In response to the productivity challenge, some physicians are turning to hospitals for employment. Other physicians are exploring new revenue opportunities, such as elective care options, or creating separate business units within the practice to help capture dollars that once went elsewhere, such as the physician-owned pharmacy or lab.

Many physicians understand, however, that increased productivity rests in improved technology which, when properly executed, relieves the physician of much of the burden of productivity management.

One increasingly popular solution is MEDxConnect from Compressus – a program designed to provide physicians with the key clinical tools to help produce optimum patient care while managing costs and increasing productivity.

Improved organizational efficiency fuels productivity

MEDxConnect intelligently routes data, images, records and more in an effort to balance workload and greatly increase productivity. Through successful study routing, physicians can help avoid costly third-party solution failures, easily accommodate patient volume increases and provide seamless communication between disparate vendor technologies within the enterprise.

Unlike many IT solutions, MEDxConnect provides the path to greater productivity, making it an investment instead of an expense.

Same capacity, more productivity

MEDxConnect supports increased capacity by using existing resources to create sophisticated routing despite the existence of multiple vendor sources of information.
Through its proprietary algorithm, MEDxConnect knows what doctors are eligible, credentialed and so the correct information gets to the right person at the best time.

And regardless of where the study was generated or where it is read, all relevant data is available, eliminating the need to wait for relevant data from other PACS or reports from EMRs.

MEDxConnect also increases productivity by eliminating the need to jump from different viewers support efficiency and safety.

With MEDxConnect, there is no need for multiple log-ins or multiple mics and software. MedxConnect optimizes the on-site VR or dictation and uses sophisticated routing to get the reports to the correct report repository regardless of where or how it was generated.

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