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No other profession or trade has seen the breadth and depth of changes that have occurred in medicine.
The many years of change in the medical profession have taught physicians and managers that to maintain their relevance to their referral and patient constituencies, and to remain a viable enterprise, they must become and remain flexible.

The need for flexibility is apparent in every department within a medical enterprise, but perhaps no more important than in IT infrastructure, for it is here that major opportunities for efficiency through flexibility are won or lost. Many a practice has been hamstrung by acquiring the “latest” technology, only to discover a short time later that the system they thought would last has already been eclipsed by a newer version.

To help win the technology arms race and to achieve the resulting business success, Compressus has developed a unique platform designed to grow as you grow and to adapt to whatever changes may occur in the field.

The product is MEDxConnect, which allows enterprise-wide solutions that enable proactive practices to accommodate the day-to-day demands required to meet the challenge of change. The dynamic workflow capability of MEDxConnect provides the ability to develop new business opportunities, accommodate new IT solutions and address the unforeseen requirements of ever increasing regulations.
The result is empowerment through increased flexibility, which drives strategic change management.

Increased flexibility means less IT involvement

MEDxConnect intelligently routes data, images, and records despite the presence of multiple vendor sources within a medical enterprise. This ability to adapt to multiple communication sources increases productivity. Through the successful flexibility management of all data, images and records, physicians and staff can easily accommodate patient volume increases, provide seamless communication within and from the enterprise and adjust any program as needed at any time.

Unlike many IT solutions, MEDxConnect provides the path to years of greater flexibility, making it an investment that reaps dividends instead of an expense that taps important revenue.

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