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In their quest for the holy grails of efficiency and productivity, which lead to the ultimate goal of profitability, many physicians and senior managers overlook the need to ensure both patient and employee satisfaction. Without both, no medical enterprise can hope to stay relevant for very long.

The rise of consumerism is directly related to escalating copayments and deductibles, making patient satisfaction an important element in the growth of any medical enterprise. In this age of communication, poor patient satisfaction ratings can quickly travel on the Internet and severely affect patient volume. Employee satisfaction is important because staff can govern patient satisfaction as well as easily make or break important referral relationships. Today, it is essential that leaders routinely evaluate their current methods of operation to help them continually sharpen practices that empower all management to stay abreast of institutional changes.

Optimized business practices drive patient and employee satisfaction

MEDxConnect’s business focused platform delivers management with the tools required to manage and monitor business processes. MEDxConnect optimizes clinical and operational processes, which leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction through reduced wait times, increased quality, faster turnaround times and lower healthcare costs. Additionally, increased collaboration, organizational efficiency and productivity have been proven to improve workplace morale.

MEDxConnect helps address operational inefficiencies, uncover productivity opportunities and reduce costs via a robust set of management and monitoring tools. Customized reporting and ad hoc reports provide leaders insight into current departmental operations and offer a blueprint for future requirements.

By using MEDxConnect to address workplace productivity issues relevant to patient and staff satisfaction before they become major challenges, enterprise leaders can help create an environment in which everyone becomes empowered to act in accordance with the strategic plan developed with the support of the data provided through the implementation of MEDxConnect.
The MEDxConnect solution is an innovative healthcare IT platform that enables senior management to access the right information and associated data at the right time, from anywhere, in an onsite, SaaS, or cloud deployment model. The result is a single enterprise-¬wide data solution from many disparate parts, increasing efficiency in every department.

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