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To compete and remain relevant in today’s healthcare environment, all medical enterprise must embrace a new way of conducting business. Outcomes, physician performance and profitability are essential to this formula.

By capturing and analyzing real-time data, decision-makers can make appropriate adjustments in the important processes necessary for maximum efficiency. The challenge today, however, is determining what data is relevant and then extracting it in a way that does not disrupt daily operations.

Strategic benchmarking drives best practices

One solution to the collection, dissemination and analysis of relevant data is MEDxConnect from Compressus. MEDxConnect presents decision-makers with a unique playbook of data that can be used to benchmark current practices and position their facility to drive best practices.

MEDxConnect helps address operational inefficiencies, uncover productivity opportunities and reduce costs via a robust set of management and monitoring tools. Customized reporting and ad hoc reports provide leaders insight into current departmental operations and offer a blueprint for future requirements.

MEDxConnect replaces outdated IT systems offering limited perspectives a process that intersects all IT data systems to provide users with new insights into departmental and institutional operations. The solution gives management a strategic view of a specific process in addition to an overview of the overall business systems to help position the organization to meet future challenges.

Creating IT that leads

The MEDxConnect tools monitor where network and process challenges exist to help evaluate new solutions, even before the organization recognizes there is a problem. Anything and everything touching the system (all third party systems) can be combined, evaluated and managed. Plus, the MEDxConnect platform will allow new processes and or levels of expansion to be simulated, evaluated and reported on to let the organization know in advance the impact changes will have on their strategic initiatives.

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