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Medical enterprise leaders face increasing challenges from rising patient and referrer expectations, reduced reimbursements, expanding oversight demands and competition, to name a few. All of these challenges fuel the need for higher productivity and profitability. One way to meet these challenges is through the implementation of information technology that provides seamless communication between disparate vendor products with a flexible platform that adapts to opportunities and threats.

IT flexibility represents the ability of the enterprise to produce, disseminate, and analyze information that contributes to growth and development. IT flexibility is seen in the automation of information processing and the support of the strategic plan of the enterprise.

A common frustration of the result of capital expenditures in IT is the scant concrete evidence that the investment has improved the effectiveness of the organization. That frustration is often a reaction to the insufficient flexibility in the system. When properly executed, IT flexibility provides the enterprise with the ability to adapt to change and respond quickly to market forces and uncertainty in its environment.

Formulated to inspire cost-effective conversions and successful expansion

MEDxConnect from Compressus is a platform designed specifically to accommodate expansion and growth to meet healthcare trends, while containing IT infrastructure and implication costs. The revolutionary platform’s business designer and dynamic integration engine provide tools that allow technology users to modify their own connection and workflows without relying upon hardcode software changes or engineering from the vendor. This level of control empowers IT to expand without incurring significant resource demands and controlling costs.

MEDxConnect contributes to flexibility by adjusting and adapting to organizational boundaries to the ebb and flow of work demands, improving the structure and speed of work and helping the enterprise respond to changing market conditions.

Further, MEDxConnect maintains existing infrastructure to help reduce costs and shorten learning curves by offering tools to modify native connections and workflows without requiring hardcoded software changes and engineering from disparate vendors, thus speeding implementation.

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