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The external forces shaping the behavior of medical enterprises include government changes in reimbursement, increased oversight from payors and greater demands from patients who are increasingly managing their health process.

For the average medical facility, these developments can seem daunting: Through no direct fault of their own, they are faced with enormous strategic business challenges that require an increasing level of expertise and ongoing management.

In response, these medical enterprises have turned to greater investment in information technology (IT) to help them remain competitive and relevant. By using the many facets of a properly structured IT environment, physicians and enterprise leaders have a better opportunity to recapture the control lost through the external forces. In other words, they can have greater control over their own destinies.

Designed to empower IT to lead

For the enterprise to be successfully empowered, IT needs to create an environment where confident, leadership attitudes and behaviors can be developed.
One solution to greater empowerment is MEDxConnect from Compressus. MEDxConnect empowers IT departments with dynamic tools to lead their organization through the current and future phases of healthcare. With MEDxConnect, IT can restore the control over costs, patient acquisition, patient care and efficient workflow. That’s because MEDxConnect provides an arsenal of components to integrate both new and existing technologies while managing IT costs, scale and expand for growth and strategically address the uncertain. With MEDxConnect, IT is positioned to move technology solutions forward to fuel clinical collaboration and lead to improved patient outcomes.

Communication, Information, and Empowerment

Information sharing is an essential part of high performing medical enterprises. Sharing financial performance, strategic plans, and operational measures creates an environment in which everyone involved has a vested interest in the outcome. The creation, distribution and analysis of information is crucial to empowerment, since without accurate information decision-makers have a reduced ability to act in the best interests of the enterprise, even if they want to.

MEDxConnect is a platform designed specifically to accommodate expansion and growth to meet healthcare trends and provide the empowerment attitude required to thrive. This level of control empowers IT to expand without incurring significant resource demands and controlling costs.

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