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Cost Reduction


As the healthcare landscape continues to change, Information technology is playing an increasing role in maintaining the viability of medical enterprises across the country. Today, IT touches every department in a meaningful way.

IT has no greater task than that of continually working to reduce and/or maintain costs. IT’s role is so great, it often has the power to position the business for strategic growth and empower team members to higher levels of productivity and motivation.
Unfortunately, many IT solutions are merely layers upon what is already a patchwork system of solutions. When that happens, IT becomes an expense instead of the investment it is meant to be.

Reduced IT costs through anticipated payback

One solution is MEDxConnect from Compressus. MEDxConnect offers a platform through which all current and future IT communications can function seamlessly, regardless of the number of current disparate vendor solutions. With MEDxConnect, disparate software finds one common “voice” which translates to greater efficiency and lower IT costs due to the lack of any additional solution layers.

MEDxConnect becomes the foundation of a strategic, comprehensive IT solution. It provides an easy-to-use platform that has been carefully established to eliminate unexpected implementation and maintenance surprises, while utilizing an industry recognized database and other robust components for positive ROI and lower cost of ownership.

In addition, the ability of MEDxConnect to accommodate future additions to the software arena makes it a one-stop solution that will reap dividends for many years.

MEDxConnect can provide the architecture that can provide essential data for strategic planning, reduce time-consuming vendor management and create an optimal demand management program, all of which lead to lower costs and greater profitability.

Improved IT processes realize savings through automation, reduced management, and increased efficiency and productivity. Ordinarily, realizing these benefits requires significant amounts of time and ongoing expenses. MEDxConnect removes these barriers to cost reduction by replacing legacy systems with a dynamic process designed to provide single-source solutions for years to come.

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