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Compressus, Inc. understands the importance of strategic partnerships as we seek to create real-world solutions for increased productivity and organizational success. This is why we have partnered with leading global brands from a variety of industries including data networks, computer hardware, and healthcare.

"We use several PACS system throughout our practice and Compressus was able to seamlessly integrate with our vendors. There were limitations that some of our vendors faced with this interoperability solution and Compressus was able to respond and provide working solutions to these limitations."

Annette Simmons, IT Manager and Network Administrator

Medical Imaging Northwest (MINW)

"We are excited to collaborate with Compressus on a robust interoperability solution designed to provide users secure, real-time access to patient information and images with one query."

Randy Rountree, Executive Vice President

Global Sales and Marketing, Calgary Scientific

"We share Compressus' commitment to interoperability, which we have been fostering for years by creating structured, shareable documents from narrative dictation and are pleased to be adding new levels of value to the well-regarded MEDxConnect platform."

Michael Finke, President

MedQuist M*Modal