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What We Do

Compressus MEDxConnect is a software solution that enables the use of patient information throughout the healthcare organization. MEDxConnect anticipates clinician and administrator requirements and presents relevant electronic patient information, clinical data, lab results and medical images for review, analysis and treatment at the point of care. MEDxConnect is the foundation for clinical business integration in the healthcare enterprise. Our customers have leveraged MEDxConnect to improve productivity by 10% – 30%.

User defined workflows find and collect relevant data from isolated systems throughout the healthcare organization. This information is typically found in systems such as EMRs, Vendor Neutral Archives, PACS, HIS and departmental information systems. The workflows utilize patented Compressus algorithms to assign and distribute this information to personalized clinician worklists anywhere in the organization. Radiology departments have been early adopters of our solution, but the capabilities MEDxConnect provides can support and benefit any medical department.

Our patented Work Assignment and Data Distribution algorithms provide a two stage approach to the assignment and distribution of data, allowing administrators to implement enterprise-wide policies that take into account both stringent requirements for work assignment such as credentialing and licensure, as well as goal oriented policies for data distribution such as workload sharing, RVU base load leveling, service level agreements, and subspecialty.

These unique algorithms adjust to a changing environment and take into account such things as the logon presence of clinicians at all enterprise locations, the approaching expiration of service level agreements, and other time constraints. By constantly monitoring the changing environment MEDxConnect can balance work assignments across the enterprise while adhering to strict eligibility policies and minimizing turn-around times. We start with rules, pre-defined by you, and then adjust the assignments and data distribution, based on ever-changing conditions within your enterprise.

For the senior management team of large healthcare organizations that are steering through the uncertainty and fast-paced change of today’s healthcare environment, our solution can improve your organization’s agility to cope with the velocity of change. We quickly enable new revenue streams, provide IT enablement for hospital consolidations, and reduce operating costs by improving productivity.

For the CIO and senior management IT team, who are struggling with new requirements to integrate the existing IT infrastructure, our solution can contain costs and protect existing IT investments, facilitate Meaningful Use Stage 2 compliance, and improve stakeholder satisfaction and productivity. Payback is often achieved in 6 to 15 months. For those seeking maximum flexibility and interoperability, MEDxConnect provides a bridge to emerging strategies to de-couple PACS and other departmental systems.

Compressus is an IBM business partner. We have embedded IBM commercially available software into the MEDxConnect solution enhancing flexibility and scalability. We provide full support for on-premise deployments, private and public clouds.