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The Compressus blog is where we share the industry expertise of our leaders and present our views in improving patient health and protecting their safety.

Improved Integrative Health Care

John B. Macfarlane, CEO

John B. Macfarlane, CEO

Large enterprises often struggle with the problem of department based solutions, creating an IT landscape of isolated environments. While a silo solution maybe adequate for a given department, it often inhibits the kind of team-oriented patient care that physicians champion. Team-oriented care requires integrated systems that enable a free flow of relevant information, provided at the right time, in the right formats to each team member.

Patient Packets Allow Data Insertion

MEDxConnect makes a team-oriented infrastructure possible. The MEDxConnect infrastructure is generic and can be applied to the clinical processes of any medical department. Nearly every medical department has clinical information that needs to be delivered to the point of care in a way that can be productively used by the provider. This information may include large data sets, such as images and video, but it may also include waveforms, reports, or patient history, and additional data extracted from Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). MEDxConnect’s electronic Patient Packets allow for the insertion of any type of data into the work assignment and data distribution algorithms.

Work is assigned to clinicians by various methods, which are not always automated. For each clinical encounter, the information must be selected to be relevant and translated/presented in an organized way for maximum productivity and optimum patient care. MEDxConnect allows the technical staff to create unique displays by providing a “canvas”. This canvas allows for custom tailored presentation layers for the clinician and specialist, designed to show just the right information at the point of need.

A Cross Enterprise Workflow Platform

Radiology, with advanced digitization and mature processes, has been a natural starting point for many MEDxConnect customers; however, new processes designed specifically for other medical departments can be added to the existing solution. Each additional process is like a program that can be loaded and played on our programmable workflow engine. These processes can run concurrently with the radiology process on the same MEDxConnect servers, leveraging the systems and connections already in place.

We believe a cross enterprise workflow platform that can support team care is the answer. This is achieved by providing clinical support for additional medical departments, including cardiology, pathology, and others. The chart below depicts how additional workflows can augment an existing infrastructure.

Optimize Any Clinical Process

Hand-in-hand with this vision, the use of modern analytic tools opens the possibility of significant optimizations of clinical processes across the enterprise. The MEDxConnect infrastructure has access to all medical data and can deliver it for analysis by modern analytic tools. This enables providers to examine the histories of patient diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes to discover what worked best and what didn’t. When a desired improvement is identified, the automated processes in the MEDxConnect infrastructure are easily modified, making it possible to quickly and systematically optimize any clinical process.

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