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Compressus and Calgary Scientific Announce Integration to Drive Virtual Medical Imaging

WASHINGTON, DC AND CALGARY, AB, July 26, 2012 – Compressus, a transformational leader in interoperability and workflow solutions for the rapidly growing healthcare IT market, and Calgary Scientific Inc., a company known for creating breakthrough technology that reshapes industries, today announced an integration agreement designed to improve physician productivity, reduce enterprise costs and increase patient safety. The agreement covers the integration of Compressus’ MEDxConnectTM System v4.0 interoperability and workflow platform and the ResolutionMDTM software solution from Calgary Scientific.The integrated solution will provide users with secure, real time, diagnostic quality access to patient data and images in PACS, VNA, and cloud archive environments from a consolidated worklist. The ability to integrate with existing PACS and archive architectures preserves existing technology investments and eliminates the need to move images from one PACS system to another to engage the onsite viewer. The result is enhanced access to priors from multiple locations for seamless display, improving user productivity and patient care.”To meet the dynamic challenges of the healthcare IT market, relevant interoperability solutions must continuously evolve to reflect changes in how physicians want to access patient data and images and manage their workflow,” said Janine Broda, Chief Marketing Officer at Compressus. “This requires a flexible architecture to support emerging technology with plug and play connectivity. Integrating MEDxConnect v4.0 robust “drag and drop” interoperability solutions with the shared collaborative capabilities of Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD will allow end users to modify their workflows to meet procedural, regulatory and financial changes as well as accommodate current and future technology and data access needs rapidly and cost-effectively.

ResolutionMD software enables users to initiate a shared collaboration session from any device, utilizing a single instance of the software running on a server located securely at any location. Supporting a group of collaborating physicians through a simple link to the session, each user can see the entire software session and every user in the group has the option of taking full control, and operating the software as though it was running on their own workstation.

Critically, no data or software is ever downloaded and when the session is complete, no trace of session is left on any collaborator’s system. ResolutionMD facilitates this advanced workflow and group sharing even on minimal wireless bandwidth. The heavily patented virtual architecture uniquely addresses the medical industry’s ever growing and significant need for real solutions to the “real time data access,” “big data,” and “extreme security” issues that plague effective operations. Because the ResolutionMD solution universally plugs into any type of DICOM-based PACs, VNA, or cloud archive, and is remotely clustered at the server level by its PureWeb® foundation platform, a wide geographic grid of stored data can be searched and securely accessed in real time.

“We are excited to collaborate with Compressus on a robust interoperability solution designed to provide users secure, real-time access to patient information and images with one query,” said Randy Rountree, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “Whether users operate in a PACS or VNA environment, or want to move towards the Cloud, this integrated solution will make priors available for side-by-side viewing without toggling, multiple requests, copying or moving data. This virtually eliminates HIPPA compliance issues and the legal liabilities associated with the loss of data on a device to which it is pushed. The result is dramatically improved workflow and productivity, lowered operating costs, and better patient care.”

MEDxConnect offers a software solution that overcomes the hurdles associated with medical imaging interoperability across medical disciplines. The system is designed to help control the flow of images, reports, messages, standard patient demographics and other important data for diagnosis and treatment planning of a patient between otherwise independent and disparate systems. It connects existing medical systems and databases, making them accessible with a single worklist. MEDxConnect acts as a communication platform, allows information exchange to occur enterprise-wide, and provides physicians with access to all pertinent patient information in a seamless, consistent format. The solution is customizable and manages auto-routing for subspecialty reads which improves workflow. The result is higher throughput with improved accuracy and productivity, while improving quality of patient care.

About Calgary Scientific, Inc.

Calgary Scientific is dedicated to providing advanced web-enablement, mobility enhancement and advanced visualization solutions to industries looking for secure access and use of their data or graphics intensive applications, while using their existing systems. Calgary Scientific began developing technology for the medical industry – a sector with the most rigorous demands for access, visually rich data, privacy, security and scale of any industry we aim to serve. With our FDA-cleared ResolutionMDTM technology, we have proved our ability to revolutionize healthcare, and now with the unique power of PureWeb® are doing the same for other industries. For more information on Calgary Scientific, go to or

About Compressus Inc.

Established in 2000, Compressus Inc. ( is a medical software company offering a proven interoperability and workflow platform to the rapidly growing healthcare IT market. Its MEDxConnect software is the first solution that indexes, integrates and routes all relevant patient medical information to the healthcare professional in real time, thus dramatically improving physician efficiency, reducing enterprise costs and increasing patient safety. The solution’s workflow flexibility enables users to rapidly accommodate new environments, markets and regulations. The MEDxConnect products address the problems associated with integrating healthcare enterprises plagued by the challenges of workflow, and a lack of connectivity and interoperability between disparate islands of data in all specialties of medicine. The MEDxConnect System is a suite of offerings designed to manage the medical imaging workflow of a healthcare enterprise. It has the power to connect disparate systems and provide automated interoperability to the enterprise and allows an organization with disparate multi- vendor systems to function as one virtual enterprise.

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