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MEDxConnect System v4 Interoperability and Workflow Platform Announced

Features Drag and Drop Workflow Customization and Extensive Reporting Capabilities

WASHINGTON, DC, Date – Compressus will showcase the MEDxConnect™ System v4.1 interoperability and workflow platform at the 98th Annual Meeting of the Radiology Society of North America, November 25-30, 2012. (RSNA Booth 9347, North Hall). Designed to improve physician productivity, reduce Enterprise expansion costs and improve patient care and safety, MEDxConnect v4.1 offers a vendor-neutral way to address interoperability and workflow simultaneously, so physicians can access critical information and images from anywhere in the enterprise — and act on them — with unprecedented efficiency and ease of use.

MEDxConnect serves as an information hub that facilitates the easy exchange of patient information between data acquisition, medical imaging and clinical systems. Using a vendor-neutral, highly scalable architecture, healthcare providers in virtually any department or subspecialty can easily access all of the patient information they need to make accurate diagnoses — including medical records, images, lab results, medications and more — from anywhere in the Enterprise, using a single worklist.

“Six years of experience in the interoperability and integration space has given us the insight into what is truly required to optimize and assure integration success. With a dynamic new platform based on business process management, v4.1 gives users tools to automate and optimize workflow with simple drag-and-drop tools,” said Janine Broda, Chief Marketing Officer at Compressus. “To accommodate the demands of rapidly changing healthcare environments, the system provides users a standard workflow with predefined scenario tool kits for simple workflow modifications, and user specific workflows can be generated and evaluated.”

By optimizing workflow and the delivery of patient data to the right person at the right time, MEDxConnect enables physicians to maximize time spent focusing on patient care and reduce the inefficient practice of searching for priors by logging into different systems and adjusting to different user interfaces. Additionally the numerous workarounds that plague healthcare IT integrations are eliminated, delivering on the promise of new technology improving productivity. MEDxConnect is not only proven to improve the exchange of patient information, it fully supports business process tracking, monitoring, and reporting capabilities that are not possible with stop-gap solutions that merely filter the data or access data at a single location. MEDxConnect provides access to all integration points in the Enterprise without the need for manual data collection from multiple systems. This enables users to measure and report on any data captured in the system, from site reading statistics, to report or exam turnaround time.

Compressus has expanded on its user preference approach and MEDxConnect’s flexible, vendor-neutral platform allows users to connect third party systems as a plug in. For example, billing systems, voice recognition, peer review, and other third party services easily plug into the MEDxConnect Enterprise Service Bus through web services and other methods of connectivity.

The system also supports best of breed subspecialty solutions and worklist customization. For example, radiologists can continue to use their viewer of choice, even if images were originally stored in another vendor’s PACS or a neutral archive. The worklist shows and sorts orders according to priority, modality and other search criteria, enabling users to customize workflow and improve efficiency. It includes all relevant patient and order information, such as electronic notes and scanned documents, as well as prior studies and reports for comparison. The solution also enables workload balancing, allocating studies among available physicians according to user-defined rules, such as body part, modality, exam status or time.

“MEDxConnect 4.1 has been running in a development environment at MINW for six months and has demonstrated the fast and accurate access to relevant patient data we’ve come to expect with the MEDxConnect solution,” said Annette Simmons, IT manager and network administrator at Medical Imaging Northwest (MINW) in Puyallup, Wash. “As we’ve been working with the new platform, one of the most exciting features of 4.1 is the ability to use simple drag and drop tools to customize workflow in 30-60 minutes to improve efficiency or workload balance. Our workflow changes daily, whether it is due to fluxes in patient volume, a doctor who is out sick, downtime on a CT scanner or adding new services.

“Adjusting workflow no longer requires engineering or operations intervention or the need for the vendor to make change to the code to modify routing. With MEDxConnect, updates can be done by our internal IT team and we can run a simulation to test that the workflow works properly before turning it live. Not only does this enable us to improve day to day operations, but helps position us to easily support future growth and expansion,” Simmons added.

MEDxConnect offers a software solution that overcomes the hurdles associated with medical imaging interoperability across medical disciplines. The system is designed to help control the flow of images, reports, messages, standard patient demographics and other important data for diagnosis and treatment planning of a patient between otherwise independent and disparate systems. It connects existing medical systems and databases, making them accessible with a single worklist. MEDxConnect acts as a communication platform, allows information exchange to occur enterprise-wide, and provides physicians with access to all pertinent patient information in a seamless, consistent format. The solution is customizable and manages auto-routing for subspecialty reads which improves workflow. The result is higher throughput with improved accuracy and productivity, while improving quality of patient care.

About Compressus Inc.

Established in 2000, Compressus Inc. ( is a medical software company offering a proven interoperability and workflow platform to the rapidly growing healthcare IT market. Its MEDxConnect software is the first solution that indexes, integrates and routes all relevant patient medical information to the healthcare professional in real time, thus dramatically improving physician efficiency, reducing enterprise costs and increasing patient safety. The solution’s workflow flexibility enables users to rapidly accommodate new environments, markets and regulations. The MEDxConnect products address the problems associated with integrating healthcare enterprises plagued by the challenges of workflow, and a lack of connectivity and interoperability between disparate islands of data in all specialties of medicine. The MEDxConnect System is a suite of offerings designed to manage the medical imaging workflow of a healthcare enterprise. It has the power to connect disparate systems and provide automated interoperability to the enterprise and allows an organization with disparate multi- vendor systems to function as one virtual enterprise.

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