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Senior IBM Exec Joins Compressus Leadership Team

Washington, DC, June 15, 2013 – We are pleased to announce that Dr. John Shedletsky, Vice President in IBM’s Software Development organization, is joining Compressus to lead our engineering and development efforts as we deploy the MEDxConnect™ solution in leading healthcare organizations. In his role, Dr. Shedletsky will be responsible for Compressus product development, managing both internal and business partner development teams. Under his leadership, we will scale the capability of our products and our development organization to accommodate our rapid business growth.

Dr. Shedletsky holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Stanford University. During his tenure at IBM, he served in numerous roles defining and reshaping IBM’s software strategy. His successful contributions include leading IBM to adopt new technical strategies based on open software standards, and leading the design team for the first release of AIX. He managed the development and release of new-direction software products including WebSphere Commerce, and he consulted with IBM customers to demonstrate how IBM systems can be used to optimize IT costs and support key business objectives.

While at IBM, Dr. Shedletsky worked with Compressus in the successful initiative to combine the MEDxConnect™ software with an array of infrastructure, workflow, business process and analytics solutions from IBM to create a uniquely flexible healthcare IT platform. In commenting on our recent releases of MEDxConnect™ products, Dr. Shedletsky states:

“These Version 4 products are a significant milestone because they leverage the IBM software for significant features like high availability and business analytics. Looking ahead, we are laying plans for the next release of MEDxConnect which will push for full exploitation of the IBM software to achieve additional flexibility and simplification in support of each new customer deployment.”

We welcome Dr. Shedletsky to our leadership team!

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